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Fuel Your Workouts and Optimize Your Wellness with Scientifically Personalized
At-Home Testing
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BodyLogicMD gives you exclusive access to at-home proprietary metabolic testing.  See how it works below.

Metabolic Performance Profile (MPP), at-home lab test delivered right to your door.

BodyLogicMD’s Metabolic Performance Profile (MPP) was designed to remove the blinders in personal wellness choices and help people pursue optimal health in an intentional and informative way.  The MPP evaluates more than 50 potential indicators of inflammation, gut health, sleep, amino acids, vitamins, muscle performance, and more. The science behind the Metabolic Performance Profile (MPP) is complex, but the actionable steps provided in the result-driven report are as easy as 1,2,3!

Just Follow These 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1

At home, collect a single urine sample and return it to Physicians Lab.

Step 2

Receive your comprehensive report listing supplements, foods and lifestyle choices that will improve areas of weakness.

Step 3

Add recommended interventions to your daily routine and retest to monitor/adjust levels until balance and maintenance is achieved.

Scientific testing reveals what your body craves to achieve optimal wellness.

It all starts with an at-home test kit. Complete this proprietary metabolic testing in the privacy of your own home for a comprehensive look at your nutritional wellness.

Areas of Assessment

The Metabolic Performance Profile creates a personalized approach to optimal health through examining certain biomarkers of genetics, diet, lifestyle, environment, metabolism and detoxification to make assessments in the
following areas:  

▼ Cellular Energy Production
▼ B-Vitamin and Methylation
▼ Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
▼ Muscle Assessment
▼ Gut Assessment
▼ Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids

Knowledge is Power

Wouldn’t it be great to know which vitamins you may be missing? Which nutrients you could easily incorporate into your diet? Which supplements you can add to your daily routine? Most of us think we know what a healthy diet looks like, but we also hear conflicting information all around us. Eat for your blood-type, eat smaller meals more often, eat all your meals in an 8-hour period, low calorie, low fat, low carb, high fat, high protein, take probiotics, take prebiotics, take this supplement, take this vitamin, drink this shake.

Get Started for just $299
There are so many choices and not enough information to make a choice that fits each person as an individual. If this wasn’t challenging enough, how do we decide if the choices we’re making are making a difference in our overall health? We can’t ignore the time and cost involved in the trial and error of making seemingly good, albeit “blind”, choices in the pursuit of optimal health so it would be great to know what works for each person individually and even greater if it were simple.

Medical Consultation


Urinary Metabolic Performance Profile collection kit with instructions and return information. Shipping is included at no extra cost to you.

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