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Comprehensive Adrenal Panel (Urine)

When balanced primary hormones are established, practitioners can achieve and maintain balance in patients suffering from obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, adrenal issues, hypothyroidism and many other conditions associated with the HPA-Axis

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Metabolic Performance Panel (Urine)

The Metabolic Performance Profile creates a personalized approach to optimal health through examining certain biomarkers of genetics, diet, lifestyle, environment,
metabolism and detoxification to make assessments in the following areas; Cellular Energy Production, B-Vitamin and Methylation, Inflammation and Oxidative Stress, Muscle Assessment, Gut Assessment, and Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids.

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Myostatin + Follistatin (Blood Spot)

Our Myostatin + Follistatin test is the only one of its kind.  We combine these anaylytes to show a Myostatin/Follistatin ratio.

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